Tour: Futurestore - Etters, Pennsylvania

Photos courtesy of Catnapped Retail Central (archived)
Welcome to Etters, Pennsylvania. This suburb is located just ten miles out of Pennsylvania's capitol, Harrisburg. The store itself is located just off of Interstate 83, which connects Harrisburg, Camp Hill, and York-- all major cities in the immediate area.

This store, starting life out as a SuperFresh in 1988, was A&P's last attempt to have stores in the greater Harrisburg area. A&P (SuperFresh) exited this area just after the recession in 2009, as it gasped for its final breath above water before plunging into the sea of bankruptcy in 2010.
Super Fresh - Etters, PA
Thanks to Josh, we can see a view of the store shortly after it closed in 2010 just above the caption here.

I have to admit, the conversion on this store is just absolutely amazing. While they kept most of the Futurestore facade intact, Darrenkamp's also enhanced it by adding this drive-through canopy for grocery pickup, as well as adding a stone overlay. Its too bad that most Futurestores were left to deteriorate over the years... I feel like enhancing them like this would have been a step in the right direction for A&P.

Since this store was photographed as Darrenkamp's, it has since turned into Karn's Foods, which has several locations in the greater Harrisburg area. We'll be taking a look at another Karn's later this year that will be quite interesting.

I'm not entirely sure how much of the original Futurestore layout was kept here. The walls have the same edges as the typical Futurestore, but the exposed duct-work in the ceiling and flat wall along the back of the store makes me believe that the interior was completely redone, as we will see below...

...I have to admit, I really like the wood flooring around the service departments here.

I'm not sure how I feel about the Darrenkamp's decor. Its very basic, and mostly comprised of just this brick red, white, and navy blue on the walls.

Going into the Dairy aisle, the first thing I noticed here was the fact that there is no actual decor here, but rather just the same paint on the brick wall. A&P did this for years in their Futurestore, 90s Centennial, and 00s Fresh models.

Thanks to Catnapped Retail Central for the photos!

SuperFresh of Etters

10 Newberry Commons
Etters, PA 17319

SuperFresh > Darrenkamp's > Karn's


  1. I knew this store well back in the day as a field rep for Kraft Foods in the early 1990s. This was one of the stores I was in weekly. To my knowledge, this was never operated as a FUTURESTORE, but did have the distinctive slant-front that many other stores had, including Elkridge, MD


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