The Return of the A&P Preservation Blog

About a month or two ago, I announced the closure of the A&P Preservation Blog and decided to move all future posts to Facebook. This was due to a busy schedule in my life, and I had to choose work over the blog. However, I find that my decision limited community interaction and finding the new posts from search engines impossible, which stopped new viewers and the spread of my photos. Ironically, the COVID-19 pandemic has left me with tons of free time and many photos of A&P stores from contributors and in my own camera roll that I figured, "hey, I could probably plan a lot of posts during this time outside of work." So that's what I'm going to do. Currently I have posts planned for the rest of 2020 (and up to Feb. 2021 so far), and have actually written about a month's worth of posts so far-- so there are no gaps in programming like there were in 2019. I promise that last time will be the last time we will have gaps in posting.

With the return of A&P Preservation, I'm also going to be changing the format and posting schedule to a different phase. I'm returning to a bit of our first format here, with sprinkles of last year's format mixed in. This is what our new posting schedule and feature content will look like (and as usual, they will be posted at 4 AM EST):

Monday - Small Post (Commercial, History, Recipe, Memorabilia, etc.)

Wednesday - Small Post

Friday - Store Tour

Sunday - Small Post

(Although occasionally I will have built-in breaks so that I can catch up on writing posts, but that won't happen until the summer at least)

Join me once more for new posts at A&P Preservation starting May 18th, 2020; so mark your calendars, everyone! I'm ecstatic about the return of the blog!

- The A&P Preservation Blogger