Tour: A&P - Shrub Oak, New York

Photos courtesy of Hudson Valley Dying Retail
 We're gearing back up for the holiday season with another Westchester store tour! Today's photos come from Hudson Valley Dying Retail, a new retail blogger that is both on Instagram and YouTube. We'll see some more content from him in the coming year, so stay tuned! 

The Shrub Oak A&P opened in the mid-1960s in an interesting venture called the Shrub Oak Shopping Center. At the time, Shrub Oak was mainly vast farmland, small two-lane roads, and a community high school. Nowadays, its full of urbanesque developments in the nearby communities, eight-lane highways, and a state-of-the-art high school with the largest track money can buy.

So yeah, Shrub Oak has definitely changed since the A&P first came to town. But the store didn't.
 The Shrub Oak store has taken over neighboring spaces in the plaza in order to keep up with the times (despite Stop & Shop, ShopRite, and a dozen other A&Ps being its only competitor in a twenty-mile radius) with a Fresh remodel in the early 2000s. 
 This store was purchased by ACME Markets of Malvern along with 73 other stores in 2015. ACME had decided to invest in around a half a dozen Centennial stores in Westchester, Connecticut, and Central New Jersey. Oddly enough, not one has closed to date, despite the little repairs or renovations done to any of them.
 Quite obviously noted by the blue tile, this store had the 90's Foodmarket decor seen in many Superstores and Centennials alike.
 Despite the store's small footprint, it somehow still maintains an in-store deli, bakery, and meat department.

 Although A&P used a rather paint-and-cardboard renovation here at Shrub Oak, its nice of them to add wood vinyl flooring in the produce wing-- which was one thing A&P was definitely ahead of the game on.
 Classic HVAC vents! 
The last aisle is an odd, double-sided refrigerator case aisle. 
Among the refurbished Killion checkout lanes is also a huge scar in the vertical ceiling tiles that appears to be a placeholder for the "A&P Fresh" logo.

Believe it or not, this is the last A&P company related post this year... well, sort of. For the remainder of the year (through 12/20) we will be showcasing other nostalgic stores, and hey- maybe even a new concept or two. Stay tuned!

A&P of Shrub Oak

1366 East Main Street
Shrub Oak, NY 10588

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