Tour: GIANT Food Stores - Doylestown, Pennsylvania

After we took a look at the former Giant-Genuardi's on Route 611 in Warrington back in January, a new Giant has opened up in the Warrington area. This new Giant, formerly a Redner's Warehouse Market, opened in March of this year. A former Redner's, this particular location was an odd move for Giant. It has abnormally low ceilings and tight aisles. 
 ...and when I say tight aisles, I also mean a tight vestibule. There is only one set of cart-wide doors on each side here. The cart-wipe placement isn't ideal either.
 Okay, this is a big step up than what Redner's usually has for an interior.
 This store does not have a full-service Starbucks kiosk. It has a self-serve one; most likely because other stores in the area have full-service kiosks.
 The Beer and Wine section here still doesn't compare to what ACME Markets has in Doylestown. Giant is somewhat new to the liquor business.
 Produce is adequate here. Nothing noteworthy about it. It's the usual Giant-Stop & Shop quality.
 Giant's prepared foods station is stepping up in Doylestown. They do not only have a hot foods bar, but an Asian hot foods bar, and salad bar. Giant's around a decade or so behind A&P, which had been doing this since 2004 in their first Fresh store, located in Denville, NJ.  
 The decor here is scaled down, as with this decor package in general. It's a lot less extravagant than what Giant used to pack in their stores in the 90s and 2000s
Service Meat and Seafood. I wonder how long this will last here. It didn't last more than ten years at any other store... unless you're ACME, The Fresh Market, or ShopRite. Ahold can't seem to sustain service seafood in their stores.
...alright, I did buy some fish, despite my earlier comments. 
 The store starts with a "grand" aisle, where water, soda, chips, and cookies are. The other Giant in Doylestown has the same thing, which will soon be featured on the blog in coming months.
 This store is a lot darker in person. These photos don't do justice.  I'm upset that I can't show how dark it is. Maybe I don't like Giant? No, it's just this store in general. 

 This was a month after the store opened. How can signage already be deteriorating? Giant, step up your game. I don't want some MI K.
 The store tops out at 14 aisles. Smaller than average. This aisle is super tight too.
 All of the cases here are energy efficient, which means nothing. The cases just require less refrigeration because of the glass doors, which keep the cold in. Therefore, saving the store more money. 
 The Pharmacy... with a weird sales area and pallet-full of lufas for a buck.
As a hardcore Yankees fan, I don't appreciate the display of Phillies T-Shirts. Even though this is close to Philadelphia. And Giant is the official supermarket of the Phillies. 

Giant, overall is mediocre. This is among the most average of their newest locations, and has nothing to do with A&P, sadly. Let's toast... to mediocrity!

I'm glad I got this post out of the way. I had several requests for it. Normal posting will resume next week.

P.S.: Thanks for putting up with my complaints about this store. I really did not enjoy this store, which is rare. 

GIANT of Doylestown Pointe

1661 S Route 611
Doylestown, PA 18901

King's Department Store > Jamesway > Redner's > GIANT