Tour: FoodBasics - North Bergen, New Jersey

...okay, this is going to be a long one. 

Just five blocks over from Route 9, this Food Bazaar Supermarket has a lot more going for it. This store first opened as a Two Guys Department Store in the 1960s. After the Two Guys chain filed for bankruptcy in 1981, New York favorite (and later A&P acquisition), Waldbaum's Supermarkets took over the space, with its current facade seen today. 

Update 10/02/2019
There is a misconception about this location. This started as an A&P Sav-A-Center key 611. The Waldbaum's was on Tonelle Ave. (1&9) towards 60th st. That store was short lived; followed by a ShopRite and that was short lived also.
- former G&h driver 

Photo Circa 2000
The store then became an A&P Sav-A-Center, and then a FoodBasics format by A&P (based upon the successful Canadian banner), and stayed open until A&P's final bankruptcy in 2015. The original FoodBasics format can be seen here on Acme Style.

Food Bazaar significantly altered the space inside. One thing that I do like about Food Bazaar's format is that they waste no space in the store. Notice all of the circular items displayed outside here... I wonder how many times a day loss prevention is put to work!
This is by far one of the most amazing produce departments (let alone A&P conversions) that I've ever seen. Food Bazaar spares no expense to make sure that each customer's experience isn't only well-priced, but also fun and inviting.
Considering I live almost two hours away from this store (and visited other stores in the area that day), this was definitely a treat for me... I was shocked how cheap the produce and fish was! If only I had brought my car cooler. I would have went home with five pounds of fish.
Food Bazaar uses reclaimed wood displays in produce. These are not only economical, but also eco-friendly. 

To save money not only on labor, but also refrigeration cases, Food Bazaar uses a method similar to a walk-in cooler in their produce departments.
...the produce just keeps coming!
...and, what followed, was the largest fish department that I've ever seen in a supermarket.
I swear, nothing is above $15 a pound here... and it's 100% fresh. No odd smells, "previously frozen" tags, or foreign material.

Very cool wood background behind meats!

The space then opens up into the normal drop-ceiling area-- complete with model windmills. Dairy runs along the back of the store, instead of to the side.
The first "grand" aisle is stacked miles high! 
Wondering why the drop ceiling looks so impeccably clean? Dark colors rarely make stains seen. Smart choice by Food Bazaar!
Where's the beef? By that I mean the deli. It's located on the opposite end of the store!
The remnants of the original linoleum tile can be seen here.
This frozen aisle is putting every supermarket's decor to shame.
Deli and Bakery are bundled together. Once again, I was in awe when seeing the decor in this store. I don't think anyone can do it better (except maybe A&P, but we've seen a ton already)
The front end has twenty-three checkouts, with six open. This was at 9 AM on a weekday! My Stop & Shop usually has only two or even one open around this time.

We'll be back in this area soon enough to tour some other former A&P stores!

FoodBasics of North Bergen

1425 John F. Kennedy Blvd
North Bergen, NJ 07047

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  1. There is a misconception about this location this started as an a&p sav a center key 611. the walbaums was on tonelle ave (1&9) towards 60th st.that store was short lived followed by a shoprite and that was short lived also


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