Tour: Pathmark - Port Jefferson, New York

Photos courtesy of alexweb8.
Like any area, supermarkets often focus on one region, and set their hearts on it. Pathmark on the other hand had stores from Delaware to Connecticut. One of their easternmost stores resides here in Port Jefferson Station, New York. This particular location opened in1978 after the Great Eastern Mills Department Store closed, and the space was subdivided between Pathmark, Pergament Hardware, and Mid-Island Department Store.  
Unlike many other older Pathmarks, the Port Jefferson location had enough space to fit a regular full-size Pathmark Pharmacy, and Roslyn Savings Bank. Some stores of the 2000s didn't even have enough space for a bank!
Alexweb8 took these photos during separate times of the year. This photo was right after Superstorm Sandy. Like almost all Long Island businesses, some damage was done. But like the old 1980s commercial, Pathmark is All-Ways there! and Count on Pathmark! So it's quite obvious that the store tried its best to stay open.
The produce department for this store is rather large and well-stocked. Note the classic Pathmark office-style lighting throughout the store. It may not be the best for showing off produce like Glenolden did, but it gets the job done.
This store received the Pathmark Sav-A-Center paint job (complete with the curves and gray tones), but did not receive new department signage. It kept its slightly-altered Path to Savings decor until the very end.
Condiments are off to the side here. Is it an odd move? I guess so. Pathmark's famous "Aisle 1" with paper products can be seen off to the left here.
Produce gets its own spot on the aisle marker! 
The store has a lower drop ceiling under the normal aisles, complete with regular lighting. This makes Pathmark's light-topped gondola shelving seem a bit redundant.
Large circular sales area near meats!
I'd really like to know how old those red lamps are above the meat cases. They could very well be original to the store, but I may be wrong. 
I know it was 2013 when this photo was taken, but those meat prices seem very good by today's standards.
More circular sales and displays here. 
Ah, yes! The classic milk center at Pathmark. Notice all of the products listed above. Anything from a carton of eggs to orange juice. 
Some old school Hill refrigeration cases to serenade us out of the store. 
Thanks to Alexweb8 for his photos of the Port Jefferson store!

Pathmark of Port Jefferson

5145 Nesconset Highway
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776

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