Tour: A&P - Goldens Bridge, New York

A&P Goldens Bridge, NY
Photos courtesy of Dan Asnis
Located just six miles from the Connecticut border, the Goldens Bridge A&P store (according to a reviewer) was "there literally forever". I guess that's somewhat of an accurate statement. The Goldens Bridge A&P was, of course, an original Centennial model. These stores started popping up around the continental United States and Canada in 1959, and continued to grow like wildfire until the early 1970s. From the historic aerials that I've viewed of this store, it's safe to assume it opened in the building craze of the mid 60s.
A&P Goldens Bridge, NY
The famous A&P weathervane in all its restored glory can be seen here. Thanks, John!
Acme/Former A&P Goldens Bridge, NY
ACME Markets has since taken over this location in one of its seventy-six acquisitions from the bankruptcy of A&P in 2015. While the store is popular with the locals (along with other Centennial stores acquired in New York), visitors and "newbies" don't think its healthy, friendly, or large enough.
Acme Former A&P Goldens Bridge, NY
ACME's coffee, olive bar, and grab-and-go stations can be seen here. Surprising for such a small store!
Acme/Former A&P Goldens Bridge, NY
...well, obviously the bakery didn't get much love. It's been pushed out into the sales floor! Unfortunately, the promotional signage by ACME is blocking our view of the rather plain Fresh 2.0 decor, which has obviously been scaled-down for this store.
Acme/Former A&P Goldens Bridge, NY
Unlike ACME's New Jersey acquisitions, the New York and Connecticut stores came with their original liquor licenses. With ACME being from the craft beer capitol of the mid-atlantic region (Philadelphia), of course they have to bring it to New York! Similar extravagant sections can be seen at the Doylestown store.
Acme/Former A&P Goldens Bridge, NY
...if only New York was as strict as Pennsylvania. Not only do you have to have it sectioned off, but you also need a seating area to comply with the PLCB's "loophole" about restaurants serving beer and wine; which is of course how supermarkets have begun to save money by implementing prepared foods and a seating area. Is that really considered a restaurant? I don't know.
Acme/Former A&P Goldens Bridge, NY
Looking back towards produce, and we can see A&P's mismatched wood toppers throughout the store, as well as the original chain-wide update of those aisle markers, which made its debut in 2000.
Acme/Former A&P Goldens Bridge, NY
While the image is quite blurry, I'm sure you can see A&P's classic green-and-white checkout lights! See them at the abandoned Clinton store here.
A&P Goldens Bridge, NY
Thanks to Dan for today's photos!

A&P of Goldens Bridge

100 NY-22
Goldens Bridge, NY 10526

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  1. Of course, they do come with a license, but only to sell beer (and what used to be called "wine coolers", which now seems to include some of the things like hard lemonade, ciders etc.).

    Only actual liquor stores can sell wine and liquor items (and there are rules that prevent chains from having those as well, so they are still locally operated stores, even though a few have gotten to be as big as a small supermarket).


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