Closings: Four ACME Markets

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ACME Markets of Malvern, Pennsylvania has released four former A&P and Pathmark store closures in New Jersey and New York. This marks the largest set of closures since the chain was owned by supermarket conglomerate Supervalu, now under UNFI Foods Corporation.

I contacted ACME Markets last weekend about the closure of the stores, in which they said they "have no intentions of closing down any of the stores that [I] mentioned". Oh, George... how you lied.

 ACME District Offices have stated that some of these stores are being closed due to leasing reasons, and others due to declining business. Here are the "fab four" of the hour:

Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey

Acme/A&P Woodcliff Lake, NJ 
First was the fabled Park Ridge location, and now its sister Woodcliff Lake location. This 90's Centennial was state-of-the-art back in the day, and was the largest supermarket in the greater Montvale area. Since Wegmans opened in Montvale in 2016 (and lawsuits by A&P), the ACME had suffered greatly. Even though the store has since been renovated since the A&P days, business couldn't last. The store will be laid to rest on October 2nd, after roughly four years in business.

Elmwood Park, New Jersey

Acme Markets: Elmwood Park, NJ
Elmwood Park, located just off of the Garden State Parkway and just a stone's throw away from busy Paramus and Paterson, is among the second of the four to close. This former Pathmark was untouched inside by ACME, despite retaining its original hours of 6AM-1AM.

Weehawken, New Jersey

I'm shocked to hear that this store will be the third to close. I visited the store last month (interior photos will be coming soon to the blog), and it was super busy and well-staffed for lunchtime on a weekday. The location had even been open 24 hours as an ACME and Pathmark! Yet another untouched acquisition inside. However, the store has received several upgraded fixtures and departments. Overall, the store shouldn't be on the list to close. It seems to be a high-volume store in a busy area with a few supermarkets here and there, but none compares to the large Tower Plaza ACME. Rumors have it that German grocer and Aldi competitor LIDL will move in (which I will also rant about in an upcoming post)

Scarsdale (Eastchester), New York

I honestly don't know much about the Eastchester location. It doesn't have many photos on Google Maps nor any Flickr photos. It was formerly an A&P Fresh Market with a basic renovation. I think ACME wasn't able to do so well in this location because of its "upper mall" spot in the plaza, which is terraced. The only signage the store has from the busy road is a small, white sign that blends in with the rest of the center. So, not surprising. 

Normal posting returns in two weeks.


  1. Weehawken store was redesigned. I used to work there and was there when it was Pathmark and into Acme. So your facts are incorrect.

    1. The decor seen in the store is from Pathmark. It was renovated in late 2013 or early 2014, and can be seen in several commercials from the company at:

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