Tour: SuperFresh - Hammonton, New Jersey

This week at A&P Preservation, we're taking a look at a landlocked SuperFresh in the bustling town of Hammonton, New Jersey. This location opened in the mid-90's with its Walmart counterpart as part of A&P's great expansion program of the 90's, like any other supermarket. As much as locals loved this location, many turned away from it when quality went down in the early 2000's, after A&P suffered terrible losses from the recession. This location was put to rest in 2011.
Photos courtesy of Thomas the Bible Believer
Another deluxe 90's Centennial! We saw a similar lighting treatment in Devon last year.
In the classic 90's vestibule, complete with tile, minimal decor, and most importantly- a variety of carts. The original Tote chrome carts, as well as added Technibilts, can be seen in this vestibule... together, rarely.
This location is another standard 90's Centennial that we've been fascinated with for the past few months. 
Welcome to the beautifully stocked produce wing! It appears that the lighting has been upgraded here. The standard lighting for a store of this format can be seen here in Claymont, Delaware. Note that the Corner Deli isn't on a corner, as it should be! 
Yep, this is an older version of the 90's Foodmarket decor. The newer, later (almost 00's Foodmarket, I should say) decor used a metal ring, as seen here in Hackettstown. However, this "Fresh Produce" signage wasn't phased out... it would be used in smaller, less profitable stores that could use a remodeling, similar to Frenchtown.
The deli looks rather... bare? Or should I say bland? While these photos were taken almost 10 years ago, it still seems awfully bare, considering the leap many chains took in 2010 for more prepared foods- one of the leaders of that pack being Stop & Shop, fresh out of the office with a new logo, decor package, and message. This is where A&P started to lack... minus their bizarre-yet-revolutionary "Fresh 3.0" concept (which was mostly at the Holmdel store)
More bare cases... was the deli nonfunctional at Hammonton? These photos were taken nowhere close to the store's closing.
Now, of course, with every bare shelf comes a full one. check out that bakery! 
Now, oddly enough, as explained before in the produce department, the metal rings show up here in the butcher! With "SF" instead of Food Market, or Farmer Jack.
This is definitely an earlier 90's Centennial! The "I love this store" campaign was used from 1994 (when it was placed on these aisle markers, and radio ads) up until SuperFresh's groundbreaking logo change in 2004.
Quite a filled front end, with rather high snack shelving above the checkouts. Far off in the distance is the dairy aisle, and Pharmacy. Mind the Red Tag Reductions signage, which was an excellent sales tactic by A&P!
Unlike other locations of the 90's, this location got the U-Scan "Tanks", instead of the checkout lane styled ones. Note the Greenway canvas bag to the left side of this photo... surely a great choice for a reusable bag!
Classic 90's checkout lights, and Killion checkouts, with both cashier and patron bagwells. While this was a great technology, it didn't last long. A&P quickly placed stationery belts on top of the midsections as it was phased out. Learn how to use the checkout here.
Thanks to Thomas the Bible Believer for these awesome photos of his local SuperFresh!

SuperFresh of Hammonton

75 S White Horse Pike
Hammonton, New Jersey

SuperFresh > Planet Fitness / Virtua


  1. With both the deli being mostly empty/covered, and seeing that none of the checkouts we can see (all but #1 & 2) are lighted to be open (including the self check outs), perhaps it was just a late time of day when things would be closed for the day already (and also the shot of the outside in the dark)?


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