Tour: A&P - Middletown, New Jersey

Photos courtesy of Acme Style
It's officially summer at A&P Preservation!

 Today we're taking a trip to the shore to check out the small A&P in Middletown, New Jersey. Like many other stores, this A&P goes by three names: Atlantic Highlands, Navesink, and Middletown. This store is located in the larger, general area of Middletown. From here, it condenses into smaller towns, hence the name Atlantic Highlands. The A&P is officially located in the neighborhood of Navesink.
 This store has the "Sav-A-Center" decor of the early 90's. It's not the typical green-and-white Sav-A-Center of the 80's, but I still consider this to be the Sav-A-Center decor, as it still used the big, bright product imagery.

 Small, low aisles.
 The Dairy is in sections in this store. Some of it is against the back wall, other parts are in the aisle, as seen here.
 Fresh Meat! Unfortunately this location no longer had service meat.
 This decor never looks old!
 This store got the early 2000's generic aisle markers, what I like to call the "quick fix" for old aisle markers. Even small stores like Clinton and Holbrook (which ended with Farmer Jack aisle markers) got them at a certain point.
 This store, as small as it is, closed in 2015 with the rest of the chain! The summer business must've kept this store going.
 Nice bakery section for such a small store! 
 Ah, yes! The 80's checkouts. Almost as pristine as the ones in Clinton!
 Deluxe McCue cart corrals! They most likely date back to the late 90's, and still look great!
Thanks to Acme Style for the photos of this gem!

A&P of Middletown

1002-C NJ-36
Atlantic Highlands, NJ

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