Tour: Farmer Jack - Clio, Michigan

Farewell Farmer Jack #727
This week at A&P Preservation we're taking a special look inside the Farmer Jack in Clio, Michigan. It's rare that we get photos of a Farmer Jack, because all of their stores went bust in 2007, after A&P exited the Midwest region. They also previously owned Kohl's Food Stores, a Milwaukee-based grocer; those stores went bust in 2003.

This particular model opened in the early 2000's with the 00's Fresh facade, and 90's Foodmarket decor. Let's take a look inside! 
This version of the 90's Foodmarket decor includes the "FJ" on the circular signage! 
The Produce Department/Seasonal/Deli 
Unlike A&P's Mid-Atlantic division, Farmer Jack uses "The Family Deli" as the name for their deli. A&P had used the "Corner Deli" name. 
Something's Always Cooking at Farmer Jack! 
The Deli Department 
One aspect of this store that isn't commonly seen in others is the chalkboards with promotional signage on them! It looks really good, and pairs well with the back-lit signage above.
Seafood Department
The Clio store closed in 2006 after roughly five years in business, which isn't too good for a store like this.
The Bakery Department 
The Corner Bakery lines the back right of the store, next to dairy. We're jumping over into the aisles now...
Aisle #2
Farmer Jack's Cold Beer section would've been located here.
Aisle #2 ... Pick Your Poison! ;) 
The well-stocked liquor department.
The Meat Department #2
You can see the "three horsemen of the apocalypse" along the back of the wall here. Butcher, Seafood, and Deli.
The Frozen Food Department 
Wide frozen department! The middle shelves on the coffin cases here would hold condiments, such as Old Bay and McCormick rubs.
Dairy Department 
Yet another wide-open department! This was pretty common, due to the low price of land in the greater Detroit area in the late 90's and early 2000's. This store is around 65,000 square feet!
Service Desk 
The CSR, where you can get your very own copies for just 10 cents! It's too bad supermarkets don't offer this today.... printers (specifically ink) are so expensive!
Checkstand City 
Ready for customers, but no customers to be found.
Farewell Farmer Jack #727

Farmer Jack of Clio

4270 W. Vienna Road
Clio, Michigan

Farmer Jack > Clio Urgent Care