Snapshot: A&P Sav-A-Center - Wayne, New Jersey

Circa 1991, this location on Ratzer and 202 was a former Stop & Shop-Bradlees combination. The site was redeveloped for a Kohl's Department Store. A pizzeria in the plaza still holds the name.


  1. Wow, that's an amazing picture! Two questions, and I don't know whether you have the answer to either, so no worries if you don't. First, is the Kohl's building original? It looks like it's the right shape and size to be a Stop & Shop/Bradlees combo. Second, did this store coexist with the A&P on Valley or was that a replacement for this?

    1. Kohl's usually just adapts buildings to their format (Mansfield, NJ is a good one; its also a former A&P, but a short-lived 2000s Fresh model), so I would assume that Kohl's kept the building (plus, the building on Google Maps has an irregular shape, an obvious divider between the two.)

      The two stores coexisted until this one closed (most likely when A&P opened in Pompton Plains/Pequannock). Since A&P purchased this after S&S left New Jersey in the early 80s, the store had obviously been renovated to the Sav-A-Center format around the same time as Valley opened. The Sav-a-Center format was rolled out in the late 80s, which is just after the Futurestore v2 model was released.

    2. They coexisted. The Valley Road store was an old Centennial model that got totally reconstructed and got the slanty window treatment.

      And yes, Kohl's did take over the entire building as opposed to what they did in Clifton. (In that case they took the entire Bradlees store and half of the adjacent A&P.) The store is enormous.

      Fun fact: that sign with A&P's logo is a cover. After Bradlees shut down, they took the cover off and underneath it was the original sign that had the 1980s Stop & Shop logo on it.


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