Tour: Superfresh - Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

Photos courtesy of PlazaACME
Today at A&P Preservation we have a 2-for-1 deal! PlazaACME has photos of the Superfresh in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. This store started out as a Clemens, which closed in 2006. Superfresh moved in shortly after the store closed and (most) of the chain was acquired by Giant, this location being an exception. This store was never renovated! Let's check out the original Clemens interior.

 Superfresh added their own "Welcome" signage, which actually works in the lighting here! It looks great. 
 Clemens stores always had an odd layout... produce is behind here. All of the service departments are along one wall, and pharmacy is located in an island in the middle here.
 "SEE RED AND SAVE" was an early 2000's slogan. It's surprising that Superfresh still had the signage here! 
I feel like Clemens has a very Wegmans-esque style in this location. Extravagant service departments, simplistic aisles. 
 ...with this one frozen section being an exception!
 Here's the pharmacy!
 This store is located in a small shopping mall. All of the stores on this side connect to one entrance. It appears that more shops might be above the wood overhang here.
This location has since become a McCaffrey's.

Superfresh of Blue Bell

1301 W. Skippack Pike
Blue Bell, PA

Clemens > Superfresh > McCaffrey's