Tour: A&P - Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, New York

Photos courtesy of Zachary at The Market Report
 Today at A&P Preservation we have a very special store tour. This former A&P, on Nostrand Ave., in Brooklyn, closed in 1990! This particular A&P, (according to Manny, the store's wonderful manager! He helped Zachary with the reporting on this one!) opened in the early 70's. The store was remodeled to the "Sav-A-Center" look in the late 80's, and closed in 1990, most likely due to the Waldbaum's acquisition. 

The facade here was original to the store. It would've been painted black, looking similar to this. You can actually see some of the black paint on the far left of the awning in the above photo.

 Now of course, you weren't expecting this! The Sav-A-Center decor is still in its full glory at this location... 30 years after closure! It's in decent condition, too! 
 ...and yes, those floors are original, too! We've been looking at horribly maintained stores lately that were updated later than this store was. Safe to say, this store is well-maintained, as old as it is! Kudos to Manny and his awesome team at Associated of Nostrand Avenue! 

 More of the flooring is shown here. Similar flooring was used in new Superfresh stores of the early 80's.
 Beautiful (and most importantly, original) graphics! 
 I would consider this the 'grand aisle' here.  
 Dairy in yellow! This store (before the Sav-A-Center decor) had the "70's Sunrise" decor, which explains the use of yellow here; to match the cases. For the most part, the regular Sav-A-Center decor was in green and white lettering.  
One of the most frequent phrases I hear when I'm in an inner-city supermarket is "Why do they have paper towels up to the ceiling?" Hey, it's an inner-city supermarket! You need to make up for storage somehow. Plus, this store is small. It tops out at around 25,000 square feet! That's not that big. Plus, inner-city stores are usually the most profitable, and have the fastest turnaround on products, from the back door through the front door.
 The CSR was added here sometime after A&P left. The original CSR would've been a podium in this store, or possibly none! 
 Exiting the store, The Market Report spotted something amazing! An old A&P Parking sign! 
Well, this is proof the store opened with the Red Circle logo! Let's hope this sign never gets taken down!

A&P of Nostrand Ave.

975 Nostrand Ave.
Brooklyn, New York

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  1. There was a smaller a&p store a few blocks north of this one at 888 Nostrand Ave. It had only 2 aisles and 2 registers. No meat department. I worked the there from 1970-72.


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