Tour: FoodBasics - Passaic, New Jersey

Photos courtesy of The Market Report and (exterior) Google Maps
 Since we haven't toured a FoodBasics since January with the Bridgeport, CT location, I figured it would be a good idea to show the practically unknown Passaic location. This FoodBasics opened in the early 2000's in a former A&P.. Like usual, it has the standard cookie-cutter decor and overall look.
 The only location that I know of that had a different decor would be the former Paterson - Getty Ave. location. It seems that the rest of them all have the same decor! However, I like this decor... don't take it away!
 One main feature of the FoodBasics stores is that they cut employees by roughly 50%. All meat, seafood, bakery, and deli products would be outsourced or pre-packed in a different facility. The only employees that were needed would be cashiers, custodians, and stock clerks! 
 It seems that the new tenant, GalaFresh Farms, is putting in a service deli. The store has since been renovated extensively and looks... well, great!
 Oddly enough, this store was planned to do well enough that they put in 3-sided aisle markers! Key Food now owns "The Savings Never Stop" tagline.
 I always liked this warehouse-style shelving... maybe because I'm a big fan of Redner's Warehouse Markets. It just looks better, and is easier to maintain than regular shelving. (Plus, it's a little bit cheaper!)
 While this store tops out at 10 aisles, you have to remember that there's a grand aisle, too! That's where a lot of the merchandise would be displayed. seen here.
Best of luck to GalaFresh Farms! Unfortunately, this location closed after roughly a year or two in business.

FoodBasics of Passaic

514 Van Houten Ave.
Passaic, NJ

A&P > FoodBasics > GalaFresh Farms


  1. This former store has been subdivided into a Family Dollar and Dollar Tree stores as of late 2020.


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