Tour: Pathmark - Ironbound Neighborhood, Newark, New Jersey

Pathmark - Newark, NJ
Today at A&P Preservation we're taking a look at the former Pathmark in the Ironbound neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey. We've looked at stores in Newark, Delaware, but I, along with at least 50% of my readers, most likely know Newark, New Jersey better. It's home to the Newark Liberty International Airport, Newark Museum, and (well... not technically in Newark, but nearby in Jersey City) the Liberty Science Center. This store was Open 24 Hours all the way until the end! Now how could Acme screw this up? We're about to find out... 
Photos courtesy of The Market Report
Hours Cut! Services Cut! Remodel None! They didn't do anything to the inside or outside, which is just a few of the reasons this store was the VERY FIRST Acme-acquired store to close, in June 2017.
This store opened with the 90's Checkerboard decor, and was later 'refreshed' to its current Path To Savings decor. I don't know why I've been on track to complain about two stores in a row (see last week's Claymont store post if  you don't know what I mean), but the tiling is all off-colored in the produce department! 
Nice floral section! Okay Pathmark, you get a pass for "Worst Store Maintenance" on this one! 
The rest of the store is absurdly clean and fresh-looking. The backsplash looks brand-new! 
"ACME" stickers conceal the previous tenant, which doesn't make much sense. It's "Path to Fresh Baked"... what's wrong with that? 
One thing that I've always liked about Pathmark is their large non-foods section... as you can see, Acme hasn't really kept that spirit alive! Half of the shelves are empty here. 
This store got the typical "Save" aisle markers. Like everything else, Acme just rebranded them, and called it a day!
Going into the 22nd (last) aisle, Dairy!
The signage dies out here, unfortunately. The off-blue walls really add that special "this store is different" effect. It's most definitely unique to Pathmark!
This store tops out at 16 checkouts, not bad! 
Sorry Acme, but this store wasn't just meant-to-be!

Pathmark of Ironbound

281 Ferry Street
Newark, New Jersey

Pathmark > ACME > Seabra Foods (Planned)


  1. The reason Pathmark succeeded with a store like this is because they were willing to tailor the product selection to the desires of the local shoppers. Acme has come in to stores like this and changed everything to their standard selection. Add their sky-high regular prices, and it's no wonder they can't make it work.


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