Tour: A&P - Township of Washington, New Jersey

Photos Courtesy Of Ingrid Kapusta
 This week at A&P Preservation we're looking at one of the most unique A&P's out there-- Washington! Not the Washington-Hampton store we toured last year, but "Township of Washington". This store originally opened as an Acme. A&P acquired it sometime in the 90's, and converted it to their Super Food Market format, with a pretty standard 90's Foodmarket decor, which we'll see below.

This location was acquired by an upscale chain of supermarkets, known as Nicholas Markets, under the association of Foodtown. They completed extensive renovations to the building around two years ago now, and is practically unrecognizable that it was ever an A&P.

Note the blue lettering on the signage here. Most used white and red lettering at the time. See Hackettstown.
As soon as you enter the store, an Eight O Clock Coffee Cafe hits you! This was a standard issue with converted stores at the time, including the massive Superfresh in Plainsboro, New Jersey.

 The decor is pretty scaled down in this store due to the low ceilings. Why didn't A&P just use Food Emporium font for the signage? It makes absolutely no sense at all. 
 Note that the produce tiling moves into the meat department here... interesting! Fresh seafood going strong with only a week left before the store officially closes, and Foodtown takes over.
 Nice-looking Floral department here. Quite obvious that the employees took pride in their work here at the Township of Washington location!
 This store, unlike other A&P's in New Jersey, does not carry Boar's Head. I'm personally a fan of Boar's Head due to their variety of meats. Dietz & Watson is absolutely terrible.
 "Now they put up the signage here, why couldn't they have done it over there?" Says the inner streamline version of myself. Nice bakery selection, too!
 "CUSTOMER sERVICES" complete with a falling S! Also, what are those two misplaced products doing on the lighting fixture? Odd.
 A pretty clean front-end, for sure. I like the 90's-styled checkouts here! They seem to fit very well with the green tiles in the floor. Most remodels around this time ended up with the floors having black tiles. 
 Wow, that's a rare sight! Self AND Express checkouts! ...and what's that I see?
 ...An Eight O Clock Coffee Grinder!  I almost purchased one of these at Clinton's fixture sale back in 2015, but it was $350! Who would've thought? Hopefully I can find one for cheaper someday. 
Thank you, Ingrid, for the photos of your store in Washington!

A&P of Washington Township

315 Pasack Road
Township of Washington, New Jersey

History: Acme > A&P > Nicholas Markets Foodtown


  1. This store being a Nicholas markets foodown may now be a the fresh grocer?

    1. Yes; although I believe that the transition towards Fresh Grocer has not occured yet.


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