Tour: Pathmark - Droyers Point, Jersey City, New Jersey

Photo Courtesy of Josh Austin 610
 Today we're looking at the former Pathmark in Jersey City, New Jersey. Jersey City was home to many Pathmark, A&P, and Waldbaum's stores throughout the years. Let's kick off our first Jersey City post with the Pathmark at Droyers Point. This particular Pathmark opened in the 80's with the original "Pathmark Tower" design. It was extensively renovated to its current look today with the "Go Fresh & Local" decor package, but was later remodeled inside to A&P's last Pathmark decor package, the "Pathmark Fresh" decor, in 2013.
Photos courtesy of Dan Asnis
A few thoughts about the Pathmark Fresh decor from our friend alexweb8:
- Only stores with the "Go Fresh & Local" decor got this renovation.
- It was simply "painting the walls, and putting up the new signage"
- There was no "deluxe" remodel at any store, besides Weehawken.
- The Girard Ave., Philadelphia (proposed) location was supposed to have this decor.
 Unique slate tiling left over from the "Go Fresh & Local" days. It certainly goes with the new decor.
 While I enjoy the painted ceiling tiles here, I don't think the long strip lights were exactly centered with it...
 Like the Glenolden store, part of the store has low ceilings, while the produce department has higher ceilings. 

A major change to come with the Pathmark Fresh decor was that paper products were NO LONGER in Aisle 1!
The higher ceilings can be seen from this point. Aisle 1 is considered to be on the opposite side of the store, in relation to the Produce department. 
 Beautiful deli! 
 The new black cases were added in the last remodel by Pathmark. This store previously would have had the bland and boring white cases from the 90's.
 I had originally come up with several names for this decor, including Pinstripes, Better (in accordance with the current ad campaign at the time "The Lower Price Project" and "A Better Supermarket"), and my personal favorite, Subliminal. Check out the text in the panels!

 The Pharmacy is in its standard alcove just after the Dairy department...
 Too bad A&P didn't keep the standard Pathmark wave
 This store doesn't have an official Floral alcove. Pathmarks of the 80's originally didn't offer a large section of Flowers. 
Just like the "Path To Savings" blue paths on the floors, the "Go Fresh & Local" decor has its brown squares.

Pathmark of Droyers Point

321 NJ-440
Jersey City, NJ

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