Tour: The Food Emporium - Midtown, Manhattan, New York

Photos courtesy of Google Maps Local Guides
 This week at A&P Preservation we're taking a look at The Food Emporium in Midtown! This store opened sometime in the 80's, and was remodeled to its current Fresh 1.0 look in the early 2000's. The signs were recently replaced by its new owner, Key Food. 
 This store is the most inner-city-like store we've ever toured on A&P Preservation so far! Even the Food Emporium on the Upper West Side was spacious. This store packs a lot of merchandise in such a small space.
 Produce is very small here. I see that A&P added in vertical shelving for certain vegetables, like carrots and brussel sprouts. It's a great use of space!
 Cases off to the side here feature fruits. This photo shows practically all of the produce. The cases that we saw before are right behind us in this shot.
The Food Emporium has, and always will, be known for their great Deli. The Fresh 1.0 decor is slightly varied for Food Emporiums-- they feature more 'gourmet' or upscale items, like here with a sandwich. In Produce, its Mushrooms and Pineapples. Dairy: Parfait.
 These photos were taken once Food Emporium was acquired by Key Food. The new operators immediately replaced the carts here. Although they look original to the store, they are not Technibilts as previously used; they are a variation of a Versacart.
Nice condensed bakery section here; where we are standing is actually the service counter. This store tops out at 9 aisles, which would mean that this store is around 15-20,000 square feet. The typical A&P that was remodeled to this look would have been 35-65,000 square feet.
 A look across the front-end. Obviously this place has gotten a lot more cluttered since the acquisition by Key Food. The front end almost reminds me of Zabar's on Broadway, which often is cluttered. I guess there's no such thing as 'cluttered' in NYC, considering the small spaces and high rent; you have to store your product somewhere, right?
Thank you, various Google Maps Local Guides, for the awesome photos of this location!

The Food Emporium of Midtown

452 W. 43rd St.
New York, New York

The Food Emporium (A&P) > The Food Emporium (Key Food)


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