Tour: Genuardi's - Warrington, Pennsylvania

Today at A&P Preservation we're taking a look at one of my favorite grocery stores, Genuardi's. This chain opened in the 1920's and grew to a very large chain until being acquired by Safeway in 2000. I'd love to see Acme take back locations like this (similar to what they did in Barnegat), because Genuardi's, I'd say, had the best locations for supermarkets in the region.

Unfortunately, Giant couldn't make it here. They were open here for barely two years, and debuted with a full remodel-- vastly different than what former Genuardi's shoppers were used to.

With stiff competition from Wegman's, Redner's, and Walmart all within a mile of the store, it's hard to believe Genuardi's did well here, and Giant didn't.

Former Signature Cafe area.

"Part Time Employment Opportunities" by Giant here. 

Some of the windows had a coating of adhesive, then poster board on top, so that's why the images are very blurry. This was the Customer Service area, if I remember correctly (if not an extension of the cafe).

Exterior is looking good for years of abandonment at this point. It's doubtful we'll see another supermarket here anytime soon.

Frosted glass panels! Oh, how I miss those days. Anyone remember getting a cart from here in the middle of winter?

Older Genuardi's tile in place of the old checkouts. Giant styled the bones of the store here to match their 2015 decor (this was a prototype, actually).

MORE cart storage!

Giant used to have a park bench and "community bulletin board" here.

"Welcome To Giant" is barely still alive here! Letters are scattered all across the floor, if you look closely.

I'm positive this was original to Genuardi's here, but I'm not sure. Can anyone clarify? I didn't shop at this store when it was a Giant.

Magic Carpets were upgraded once Safeway bought Genuardi's.

Bye-bye for now.

Back of the store. I love how Genuardi's kept their overall appearance on the front of the store towards the back. 

Second floor offices, anyone?

Sad that there won't be a trace of Genuardi's anymore.

Ghost of Giant-PA past.

Genuardi's of Warrington

389 Easton Road (PA-611)
Warrington, PA

Genuardi's > Giant > Spirit Halloween (Seasonal)


  1. I think the photo over the vestibule was added when Giant remodeled. I remember Genuardi's having a 3-D sculpture of some vegetables.

  2. very similar to the Egg Harbor Township, NJ location which is the mirror of Barnaget, NJ

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  4. This former Genuardi's is now an Amazon Fresh grocery store


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