139 Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company Locations...

The A&P USA Store Map was originally created in August 2018.
Our store map now has 139 Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company locations from 1885! Check it out here.

In total, we now have 992 stores listed! However, A&P operated over 30,000 stores in its lifetime- in all banners. If there's a location on the map that you know of (but isn't there), you can submit a location here.


  1. A&P had many stores in the Bronx NY here are a few:

    University Ave (near Burnside)
    University Ave (near Fordham Road)
    Broadway (near West 231st Street)
    Jerome Ave (near Fordham Road)
    Valentine Ave (off Fordham Road)
    Webster Ave (off Fordham Road
    Webster Ave (off Bedford Park Blvd)
    Gun Hill Road (off Webster Ave)
    Bruckner Blvd (off Crosby Ave)
    Gun Hill Road (former Waldbaums)
    Sedwick Ave (off University)
    Morris Park Ave
    Westchester Square
    Westchester Ave near Parkchester
    Broadway near 207th St (Inwood)
    Riverdale Ave (former Shopwell)
    595 East 183rd Street (near Arthur Ave)
    Jerome Ave (near 183rd Street)

    and I know there were more, I just cannot remember anymore at this time. Every neighborhood in the Bronx had an A&P


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