A&P is celebrating the BIG 160!

A&P is celebrating the BIG 160 this year! We're celebrating with some interesting facts about A&P.

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A&P was the largest grocer in America from 1915-1975.

Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi shopped at the Little Silver and Middletown A&P's.

A&P was the first nation-wide grocer in America.

A&P was the oldest grocer in America, being founded in 1859.

A&P created the Woman's Day magazine.

Dan Croce, Acme Markets president, was a bagger at the A&P.

John Updike wrote a short story about the A&P.

A&P was the world's largest retailer in 1930.

A&P was originally named The Great American Tea Company (Not The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company)

Oprah worked at the Fort Lee A&P.

A&P was renamed The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company just after the Civil War, when the Confederacy was dissolved.

In the 1880's, A&P opened a store every three weeks.

Gallagher purchased watermelons at the Butler, NJ A&P.

A&P opened its first Canadian store in 1927.

John Travolta worked at an A&P in Englewood, New Jersey.