Tour: A&P - Closter, New Jersey

A&P - Closter, NJ
This week at A&P Preservation we're taking a look at the A&P in Closter, New Jersey. The location started as a barrel-roof location, and was transformed into a Centennial in the 60's, and expanded out the right side in 2000, with the project being completed and the store reopening in May.
Thanks to some contributors on Foursquare and Google Maps for providing the images for this store!
These pictures were taken in the last days that A&P was in business.

Killion Checkout lanes opened with the store. Classic checkerboard floor is shown below the stand.

The 2000's Calligraphy decor in all it's glory.

Now onto the minor renovations done by Stop & Shop!

Classic produce department flooring here. This store is practically a twin to the Pompton Lakes, NJ, and Flanders, NJ stores.

Unfortunately this store didn't receive the deluxe 3D treatment like other stores did. The back-plates are just applied to the wall.

Wood-slat aisle toppers shown here.

Stop & Shop had moved some checkouts down to create this Nature's Promise section in front.

Grab & Go section looking great! The Sushi sign appears to be adopted from another store.

A&P of Closter

400 Demarest Ave.
Closter, NJ

A&P > Stop & Shop


  1. This is NOT A 00’s Fresh exterior store. I know it may look similar, but this kind of exterior is like a combination of 90’s centennial and 00’s Fresh And was used at new Waldbaums stores 1997-1999 and A&P stores 1999-2004. And the 00’s Fresh exterior was used in the A&P’s in Jefferson NY, Mount Kisco NY, and Denville NJ. And some other stores as well and The 00’s Fresh exterior was used 2002-2004 as well. Thanks for reading!

    1. I consider the Fresh exterior to be any store built right before the Fresh era, and after the Fresh era. This includes former "A&P Food Markets" in North Brunswick and Tinton Falls, which have open-faced facades at the entrance. You're right with it being similar to the 'inside' of a deluxe 90's centennial (they would often include windows far above the doors)

      I know the name I gave them is confusing, but remember that roughly 90% of these stores were converted to A&P's Fresh format just a few years later, from 2004-2006 (usually 1.0 or the "Canvas box" version; 2.0 was rare in these stores, not counting Columbus Blvd, Philly)

  2. I've always referred to these store exteriors with the open-faced facades as "90's Steel". The Pathmark that was at Philadelphia Mills started as a Super Fresh Food Market, then Super Fresh Super Store, and had this exterior

    1. Nice thinking, Mike! Unfortunately other Superfresh models (such as Columbus Blvd.) didn't have the open front like Franklin Mills, which was more of an A&P model.

    2. The Cottman & Bleigh Acme (former Patmark/Super Fresh) and Bustelton & Philmont Food Basics-Big Lots (former Super Fresh) had the same design as Philly Mills. Waldbaum's also had some stores with this design as well.


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