Tour: Waldbaum's - Staten Island, New York

Today we're taking a second stop in Staten Island this year to check out the Waldbaum's in the Rosebank section. This store opened sometime in the 1960's as an A&P, and was transferred over to Waldbaum's by the 1990's.
This centennial is in pretty good condition... not that bad, but it could be better.

Thanks to Staten Island Live for the pictures!

Meat department. This store has a very basic (non-Canvas box) Fresh 1.0
Look towards the front end...
Produce lines the front end of the Centennial, while checkouts are to the left (where the entrance is). This is all new tile in the produce department.
Even these hours aren't that bad... most Centennials were open only until 8, but back in the day some were actually open 24/7.
90's checkout lights remained in place.

Waldbaum's of Tompkins and Willow

375 Tompkins Ave.
Staten Island, NY

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