Memorabilia: Inherited A&P Cart

Tops Friendly Markets has been known for reusing carts, especially of their predecessors, like Grand Union, Martin's, and Stop & Shop. But my question is why... just why...

*A&P Cart
So... for starters, this can't stack with their other carts. It has the A&P logo embossed in the sides, and it still has the America's Choice seat flap. But that's not all... Tops had apparently installed their new handle before giving the cart a new coat of spray-paint, and didn't even tape the handle!

Thanks to Retail Regents for sharing!


  1. Maybe you should find a way to "acquire" it and solver Topp's problem :P

    1. Haha, for sure! I definitely want to take home an A&P cart some day (storage is an issue). I know a lot of abandoned A&P locations still have their carts.

  2. The link is no longer active. I will send you a new link to that cart (and no, they did not refurbish it):

    In case you're wondering, the loading docks out back at that Tops are full of old carts, including many A&P carts.


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