What's New At A&P Preservation


Just Like A&P in the late 80's...

"Welcome To The New A&P!" (Preservation)

Of course, The good 'ol Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company was referring to their new Warehouse Prices, which was a short-lived ad campaign in 1987, during the greater Reach Out campaign.

Why are you here? Because you think A&P is the best.... or worst. We get that! We all have our reason for remembering A&P, and reading A&P Preservation.

As many of you can tell by the website, we have made some major improvements! Let's check out what's new...

Page Header

A - New Simplified Logo
B - Simplified Navigation with new features such as Our Picks and Features.
C - New Search Engine with Easy Browsing Mode.

Post Block
A - Quick-browse Labels
B - Easy-to-identify picture instead of post type block
C - Quick-browse Comments
D - Quick-browse Direct Sharing

A - New Survey Out NOW! Help improve your's and other's experiences.
B - A&P-P Store Block
C - Simplified Archive and Label Searches (New Label Search Coming 2019)

A - Quick-browse Posts
B - Google Translate page

Contact Page
A - A&P-P now has an email! Send us photos and more!
B - Didn't know A&P-P has a hotline? Text us for service about... well, anything! You can also submit images through here. If you call, we won't pick up... we'll give you an A&P jingle. Rotations are weekly, so be sure to call!
C - We have Social Media! Be sure to Like, Subscribe, and/or Follow to all of our pages! It's much appreciated.

Welcome Back!

We hope to serve you better through our new features. If you experience problems while visiting our website, please contact us immediately so we can resolve the issue.

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