Revisited: A&P Fresh - Washington, New Jersey

I revisited the Washington A&P Fresh for the first time since it was open. I never took pictures of this store before, but it was subject to a post featuring a video tour awhile back. Since it was on my way back from a trip, I decided to stop by and take a look!

A very urbanesque facade. Built in the 1990's with the Foodmarket decor. Obvious floors intact.

The A&P sign is in very bad condition here. Pictures online and on Instagram show that they only lit up the A&P portion of the sign at night, so that explains a lot.

Pharmacy sign removed.

Some checkouts are missing in the front here. There has been a fixture liquidation sale (Similar to Hackettstown), but not much was sold. I'd say around three checkouts, and the produce cases.

The smaller lanes are self checkouts.This store originally had 18 checkouts.

Right in front are the classic "A&P Food Market" window decals!
"Store Closed" and more Store Equipment Auction signs from three years ago... I wonder if they'll have another. Most landlords are leasing these A&P locations with the fixtures already inside.

Atrium above!

A close up of the peeling A&P sign.

New Fresh sign!

Produce department in the far-left window. I wasn't able to see through the right side (near dairy)... there was shelving covering the windows.

Jersey Fresh tomatoes! 

No custom town signage here. As a matter the fact, this isn't even a permanent sign. It's actually just a stretchable vinyl banner covering the brick.

Door is cracked on the right entrance... wonder how that happened!

Look at the Floral department, and one last look of the inside.

Delivery bays around the back.

Tower from Route 31 coming to the center.

A&P of Washington

459 NJ-31
Hampton, NJ

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