Tour: A&P - Marlboro, New Jersey

Last week we took a look at the new Food Emporium that opened up in the former A&P in Marlboro... and luckily I was able to find photos of the A&P before it was transformed drastically into a Key Food...
The Centennial A&P is still peeking out of the new facade... look next to the good 'ol Foto Hut.

A bland, boring Fresh 1.0 decor was introduced here. Key Food removed the drop ceiling, which makes a big difference. 

Wood-slat aisle toppers galore, apparently. Some of these were added in the Fresh remodel.

Produce department to the left of the shot here. This store was small for what it was. I'm surprised Food Emporium has such a selection here now.

Look along the front end. No lighting over the aisles? Really, A&P?

Exposed wiring in the deteriorating ceiling above.

A&P of Marlboro

460 CR-520
Marlboro, NJ

A&P > Key Food Food Emporium


  1. Is it that they didn't have lights over the aisles but rather ones that ran along the shelves (under those "wood" panels instead?

    So that the aisles were still lit up, just down where people actually were rather than above the shelves where it wasn't really necessary?


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