Tour: A&P - Eglinton Square, Scarborough, Ontario

Today at A&P Preservation we're taking a look at our first ever Canadian store tour! This Metro, formerly A&P, in Eglinton Square in Scarborough, Ontario, has been left untouched since 2009, when the conversions to Metro happened. 

This is a standard Dominion facade. Most older stores had this facade by 2005. If you look to the left of the store, you can see the square hole that Metro patched up. This formerly held the car delivery bin system, which would line from the checkout area to the front of the store. Obviously it has been removed because of increased crime rates in the region.

Fresh 2.0 floors are showing here... Metro replaced the department signage in the produce department, of all things. They made the space a lot brighter! 

Prepared foods area going strong... too bad the U.S. stores didn't stay like this!

Fresh 2.0 is showing here! The graphics are slightly varied versus the U.S. stores. Something to note is that A&P actually had three different types of Fresh 2.0-- the Canadian version, as shown here, the New England version, which is probably what you're most familiar with, and the Southern version, which was used in A&P's Sav-A-Center stores in Louisiana and Mississippi. 

All of the cases shown are from A&P. Metro has done a terrible job converting their stores-- practically a third of them have been remodeled to-date. While this is bad for the company, it's good for us here at P's and Q's!

The decor unfortunately dies out mid-way through the store. A&P put its focus into the Fresh departments more than anything else.

Checkstands have been replaced!

Fresh 2.0-era entrance from inside the plaza.

Thanks to contributors in the Ontario area on Google Maps for providing coverage for this store!

A&P of Eglinton Square

40 Eglinton Square
Scarborough, ON

A&P > Metro


  1. Hmm interesting, I never knew that the US stores gave up on the prepared food idea, that's a staple of every Canadian chain.

    Metro has been very slow at renovating their stores but that's changing. They've recently started to convert most stores to their new design. It's ok.

  2. This store was never A&P - it was Dominion Store.


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