Hey Everyone!

I can't believe it's almost been a year since I started this blog! I will (unfortunately) be changing the theme of the website again, so expect to see some very big changes in the next week. I felt that the old site theme was too basic... I'm hoping that this one can 'hook' new readers in, and make it easier for all to navigate. Enjoy!

Did I mention that there will be a slight name change, also?


  1. Cool! I like the new design a lot, although I guess I'm used to seeing everything at once. I may have, um, stolen your idea, a little bit, uh... I'm now using http://the-market-report.blogspot.com as the "home page" and the design is entirely based on what you did here! Looking forward to what you have coming.

    1. I saw your new design yesterday :). Really like it! I'm upset that the new Blogger themes have no way to change the resolution of the logo... no matter how big or small I make my logo, it always comes out blurry (I saw the same on your end). And honestly, I kinda stole your idea too. I was originally planning to keep my old blog format and just change the colors, but that went south when I saw your grid. Really awesome features!

    2. Thanks! Yeah, the resolution is pretty annoying. I see that we're borrowing from each other's features, so that's fine. Good luck!

    3. I know. At first I thought it was my editor (I use MS Publisher and Inkscape.) I have to admit, I really like your new homepage. It gives it a very professional look-and-feel. Good luck to you also! Can't wait for more Tampa, FL posts on TMR.


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