Tour: A&P Liquors - Metuchen, New Jersey

While A&P said that all their stores closed by November 30th, 2015, it is a false statement. A&P kept a select group of liquor stores open for the remainder of 2015 and three quarters of 2016. The tiny Metuchen store being one...
A&P liquors Metuchen New Jersey
Quite obvious that this was a former retrofitted 50's model-turned-Centennial.
A&P Warehouse Liquors/Former A&P Metuchen, NJ 
Old 50's ceiling and tile with Best Cellars signage.
A&P Warehouse Liquors/Former A&P Metuchen, NJ 
A mix of both A&P carts and Best Cellars carts... Why didn't A&P use purple Technibilts for their Best Cellars brand? It would look a lot better than the cheapest plastic carts money can buy.
A&P Warehouse Liquors/Former A&P Metuchen, NJ
While this store is said to be Warehouse Liquors, inside it is called both Best Cellars and Beverage Center. Which one is it?

A&P Liquors of Metuchen

45 Pearl Street
Metuchen, New Jersey

History: A&P > A&P Liquors > CVS Pharmacy


  1. Although I'm not sure, going by the Summit, NJ location, I think the name "Best Cellars" replaced the name "A&P Beverage Center" in a renovation or store reset, although some stores did also keep the original Beverage Center signage. I don't know where Warehouse Liquors comes in here!

    1. That would be correct. It's surprising that A&P didn't renovate all of their liquor stores... if I remember correctly, they only had what, 10-12? The Best Cellars in Greenwich, CT (Now A1) had a pretty extravagant renovation that revolutionized the beer & wine industry.

      I have no idea where Warehouse Liquors came from, either. I'd make a pretty good prediction based upon the 1986 campaign "Warehouse Prices", which showed that A&P had lower prices than competitors in their "warehouse" style, which would show up in other chains in the mid-90's. The "Warehouse Liquors" format was probably an extension of that campaign. There have been a few others that have had the "Warehouse Liquors" branding, but their signs have been changed out. Locations include Waterford, CT (In a Stop & Shop plaza... very odd), and in Ledgewood, NJ.

    2. Warehouse Liquors was also in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. When I was in high school and working at Foodtown, we used to send customers there as they were the closest liquor store.


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