Snapshot: A&P - Phillipsburg, New Jersey

Former A&P/Super Fresh Phillipsberg, NJ

Any resemblance between a Centennial model? Look closer...

This location opened as an A&P in the 60's, and was transitioned to a Superfresh sometime in the 80's. There was also an Acme in this shopping center, and I would have to know because I live and breathe supermarkets... (plus this center is close to where I live)

Did Acme or A&P go out with a bang first?


  1. Acme and Superfresh, went out around the same time. During the 90's, Ingersoll Rand laid off most of their employees and a couple of larger New Grocery stores opened up in the neighboring Twps, along with Walmart and other stores. People were flocking to the new stores and Acme, Superfresh and most of the stores in the Hillcrest Mall closed or moved. There are 5 businesses , which are still there, since the mall opened in 1963, Bank, Pharmacy, Hair Salon, Mall Barber and Nicolosi's Pizza. Acme used to be where St Lukes Bone Center is now. I preferred, Superfresh over Acme. My 2nd cousin said, Acme used to be located where the tire store is now at 22 and Warren St , then moved to Hillcrest Mall, to a larger building.

  2. I remember this store as Superfresh as a kid in the early 90s when my mom would do our shopping here after picking my brothers and I up from school around the corner. I remember being fascinated by the big red coffee grinders at the ends of the checkout lanes. There was an employee restroom my brothers and I sometimes had to use located on a second floor up a long flight of dim stairs. Outside the restroom sat a dark leather chaise longue (I assume a break room). I remember being afraid of these dim stairs and big, scary looking leather piece of furniture. I also remember a loose candy section where one payed (or not, in the case of samples we snuck as kids) by dropping coins in a box attached to the shelf.


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