Tour: Superfresh - Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Oh boy, this could get confusing...

superfresh Girard Avenue, Philadelphia 
... But in reality, there's a lot more behind it. This store was planned to be a Pathmark. It sat empty for around three years, with the Pathmark logos up and all... but in 2010, A&P corporate decided to change it to Superfresh to suit the neighborhood. This store opened a year later, in 2011, with the original Fresh 1.0 decor with Superfresh aspects... which was unheard of at the time.
superfresh Girard Avenue, Philadelphia
Fresh 2.0-era Pharmacy signs and Fresh 3.0-era Supermarket signs... Why? 

superfresh and Acme cart at Acme/Acme Pharmacy Girard Avenue 
This was one of the few Superfresh stores to have double-decker carts... scratch that. This was one of the only A&P stores to have double-decker (okay... "two-basket") carts... most used only the larger Technibilts that were at least a decade old. 
superfresh West Girard Avenue, Philadelphia Photo #3 
Polished floors, large carts, and deluxe self-checkouts are all big hits with the crowd. Shopping did just get a whole lot better! Only thing is... why Fresh 1.0? From the outside facade, this place could definitely take a Fresh 3.0!
superfresh Girard Avenue, Philadelphia 
Although this store got deluxe fixtures, one thing that lacks is the decor. It uses a third-rate Fresh 1.0 decor, with no moldings... just paint.
superfresh Girard Avenue, Philadelphia
The tour stops short here because of the lack of photos of the store... But hey, at least we get a look at the great Meat and Soda aisle! 

For reference, this store isn't really a 'big whoop'... it's just a rather interesting 2000's store!

Superfresh of Girard Avenue

180 West Girard Ave.
Philadelphia, PA

Pathmark > Superfresh > ACME


  1. When you're wondering about the inconsistent SuperFresh/pharmacy signage, is it possible that the pharmacy sign was from a closed older store? I know A&P would take interior items like aisle markers from one store to another when the first closed, so is it possible they did the same with exterior signage? I guess there's more to hook up with lit signage, though, so it's not as easy to retrofit.

    1. Possibly... I could see it happening, but at the same time not. (Most stores with Fresh 2.0 decor retained their 90's-style Pharmacy and department signage).

      Only thing I could see if it was left over from another store was if it was a Pathmark pharmacy sign (as the building was originally a Pathmark prior to opening). I'll have to see if there are any stores with 3D lettering for Pharmacy... interesting to see where it's from!


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