Tour: Superfresh - Roxborough, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

SuperFresh/Target, Philadelphia (Roxborough)

Roxborough! This store is one of two stores to receive the "Fresh" window treatment in the front-- the other is in Clark, New Jersey (an A&P Fresh). PlazaACME treated us with some photos about one week prior to closing.
SuperFresh, Philadelphia (Roxborough) 
Produce department still looking very fresh! This store was apparently kept impeccably clean, vs. other A&P locations like this (for instance, search up "Pompton Lakes A&P"... all reviews critique the stores cleanliness). 
SuperFresh, Philadelphia (Roxborough) 
A very deluxe salad bar serenades the deli department. You have to remember that the Fresh 2.0 decor was very European, meaning more fresh departments from Fresh 1.0. 
SuperFresh, Philadelphia (Roxborough) 
Dairy aisle kept in the dark due to the lack of lighting for the walls in this area. Not very common for the usually-bright Fresh 2.0.
SuperFresh, Philadelphia (Roxborough) 
Now we're getting some light! Look at all the sour cream on the right... how is all of that going to sell in one week?
SuperFresh, Philadelphia (Roxborough)
Pharmacy department/drugstore area is shown here, with the actual service pharmacy being located ot the right. What's up with the pallet of Crystal Geyser water? Shouldn't that maybe in the grand aisle?

SuperFresh, Philadelphia (Roxborough) 
Quick look at the bare front end? All but one registers are closed.
Target - Roxborough/Philadelphia PA

Shortly after closing, this newly-built Superfresh became a Target flex-format store... keeping the same facade (Which is actually very fitting for Target). Target added a drop ceiling to the store, along with new linoleum flooring. Almost everything else was kept the same.

Superfresh of Roxborough

7162 Ridge Ave.
Philadelphia, PA

Superfresh > Target


  1. I really like what Target did with the place! The conversion turned out very nice.

    1. Have to agree... only thing I don't like is that they HAD to add a drop ceiling inside!


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