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  1. Funny how strict A&P was about ringing up merchandise correctly. That's become much less of a priority, especially for smaller stores. At one location of a local chain in a former A&P, I bought four-packs of toilet paper marked on the shelf as $1.79 each. At the register, they scanned as $0.79 each -- someone forgot to enter the 1! At another location of the same chain, there's a brand of cheese in the deli always marked $4.99 on the item but $4.49 on the shelf. For the two years I've been shopping at this former Pathmark, it's never come up as anything other than $3.99 at the register. At a different A&P acquisition store, a $6.99/lb variety of mushrooms was entered as a $2.99/lb variety, and at yet another, $4.49 half gallons of organic milk rang up as $1.99. I never want to cheat the stores out of money but I just can't bring myself to mention it to the cashier!

    1. Haha, have to agree. All the stores I shop at are strict like A&P... if they can't find a price or scan the barcode, they'll just put it back. A lot of times stores are using the old Sharp units that don't have the barcode scanner (like a convenience store).

      Plus, at Giant they have the U-SCAN weighing machines in the produce department, so if you're buying mushrooms, you can get a label printed for the price of bananas. A lot of people do that... it's a PA thing.

    2. I see. Another one I forgot about -- different local chain, not a former A&P store. I bought probably 10 different produce items, worth at least $20-25, and the cashier (who didn't know what any of it was) entered into the register: PRODUCE - $5.00 for the entire order! That store has since gone out of business. I wonder why.

    3. $5.00? Don't mind if I do...

      You're pretty lucky at supermarkets... I always get stiffed! One time I went to a Dollar Tree and they pocketed half my items. Ridiculous!

    4. Exactly! How can you complain to a manager? "You undercharged me $20..." They'd be too busy laughing at me to take my money!

      Hmm, that's a shame. I've found Dollar Tree's staff and management to be surprisingly good, actually.

    5. Yeah, a deal's a deal.

      I usually have pretty good experiences with Dollar Tree, the staff at my local location is extremely helpful, and work together like a family.


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