Tour: A&P's - Frenchtown, New Jersey

Frenchtown, New Jersey. A classic river town. With an abundance of little shops and cute houses, it's not surprising this town had an A&P. A&P was the only market in town, until closing its Centennial store in 2000's... no exact date known at this time. IGA arrived at this location in 2005, according to the company.

A&P/ IGA - Frenchtown, NJ
28 6th Street, Frenchtown, NJ

This location, located around a mile away from the older streetfront location, was built in the 60's. Since its closing in 2000, IGA has made a profitable business here. I meant to take pictures back in late 2017, but they had remodeled by time I got there! All of the classic A&P decor and flooring... gone!

The cupola has obviously been cropped here... the weather vane and gates are missing. This was most likely done by the current tenant to bring down maintenance costs, as the taxes are already high as the sky in this town.

If you look closely, you can already see inside the building... "FRESH PRODUCE!"

Below is the direct synopsis of what you can find in this store (Which really sets the A&P standards!), and some quick pictures inside of the store, prior to the renovation in 2017.

Anyone notice the A&P wood-slat aisle topper at the end? I've been in this store a few times prior to the renovation, and nothing was changed since the A&P days. Even the registers remained in place! 

These photos are exclusive from a contributor on Google Maps. Excellent pictures showcasing the new decor. You can tell the owners of this store were going for a 'local' look, similar to a combination of Acme's Quality Built and Wegmans'... whatever that obscenity is.

The store, prior to the renovation, was using A&P's standard issue B&W aisle markers. Now, this store uses a painfully generic one. Yuck. I actually found a company online that makes aisle markers... and it's shocking to see how many there are in stores! Most chain stores get theirs custom... Even most independent grocers, but yet, some still slip through the cracks.

This classic streetfront location, being built in 1900.. you heard it folks, 1900. In the late 60's, this store moved to the current Centennial seen above, now an IGA. Unfortunately, the interior is nothing like how an A&P in the 1900's would have been, it has been stripped of its A&P nature and been transformed into a set of studio apartments. Who would love to live in an old A&P?

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A view of the front here. The panels are left over from A&P. They most likely would have had department signage or slogans of some sort.

A&P's of Frenchtown

28 6th Street
Frenchtown, NJ

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