Coming Soon: Key Food's The Food Emporium - Marlboro, New Jersey

The Good 'Ol A&P in Marlboro, New Jersey; which had one of the oddest 90's Flagship model expansions on earth, closing with the rest of the chain in 2015, is finally opening as a Key Food Food Emporium by April. The store is going to bring the New York standards to Marlboro... but is it really? 

A&P - Marlboro, NJ
You can see the odd centennial awning on the left side of the building. Previously in Marlboro, A&P had planned for a new 90's Flagship model on the other side of town, but plans were scrapped at the last minute, and the building briefly turned into an Acme. A Pathmark was also open up until the acquisiton by A&P. This store actually took Pathmark's pharmacy sign, as seen above to the left.

As Food Emporium prepares to open, I'm thinking Will The Store Stay In Town? Most A&P acquisitions from Key Food were failures, take for instance Edison, Port Chester, and Garwood to name a few. Once this store opens again, I will include pictures of the interior. No pictures are available at this time, but if I remember correctly, this store had a basic "Fresh 1.0" remodel.