Memorabilia: America's Choice Cherry Pie Topping

Today we're going to take a look at the most recent packaging for the America's Choice store brand. I bought this, along with many other America's Choice products, at an Ollie's Bargain Outlet, which still has AC products today, so folks, if you're out there, be sure to stop!

I have to admit this has to be some of A&P's best work. If they rolled out this look with the Fresh 3.0 renovation (they released this packaging shortly thereafter), I think it would've created a new outlook on A&P.

A&P uses two company names on their storebrands. For non-food products, they used to use Compass Foods. For current-day products, they now use the name OnPoint, Inc. I wonder what the name change was for, as Compass Foods is not trademarked for any other company except A&P.

Does anyone have any other ideas for smaller posts? I'd like to get some more variety. Let me know down in the comments.


  1. There were also quite a few America's Choice items at Ocean State Job Lots, at least in our area.

    I think most are now gone, though they did still have the non-perishable dryer sheets last I looked.

    1. Yeah... in our area we have Ollies instead, which still has a hefty amount of AC products, surprisingly. Grocery Outlet too. A lot of people are selling them on eBay as unbranded for a low price... I recently bought a case of America's Choice kitchen towels... for $10! It's crazy what you can find.

      Thanks for your comment, Will!


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