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Every year, P's and Q's will feature a poll. 2018's is "What was your favorite A&P brand?" So far, we only have 7 votes... why not cast yours? To the right of this post, there is a poll with all the A&P Brands known to man... minus Eight O' Clock Coffee. When the winner is announced at the end of the year, the poll winner will be featured proudly in the background of the site with all store pictures.

So far, as of February 13th, the one in the lead is Waldbaum's, with 2 (yes two) votes. Are we really going to let Waldbaum's win? (Just kidding... I am unbiased on this subject...)



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    1. Unfortunately no. I tried to add more options (as I forgot a few when I was making it... my internet has been terrible) like Kohl's, Eight-O-Clock, Bokar, etc. and it wouldn't let me edit the poll after I published it.


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